Every year, Best Stay brings together the very best professionals in tourism and we are celebrating it by awarding those who really stand out in a specific area. Best Stay Awards were held for the first time in 2017, to recognise the latest and the greatest of innovative, secure, top-level solutions, companies and individuals who are really making a difference and representing the best of hospitality.


Join us at the Best Stay 2018 awards ceremony on November 8 at 18:30

Best Stay 2018 Awards Categories


Hotel star of the year

Leading a team, overseeing operations and managing a hotel aren’t easy tasks - and we believe great leaders should be recognised and awarded for their continuous efforts in creating a positive work environment which motivates the staff to excel on day-to-day basis. The judges will be considering examples of successful business growth, guest and staff reviews, as well as innovative strategies implemented for one or more of the GM’s or MD’s hotels.


The best new hotel on the block

This award goes to a new and innovative hotel which opened in 2018. The judges will take into evaluation the design, story and concept, brand strategy, marketing communication and guest reviews while choosing the best new hotel of 2018.


“Simply the best” marketing campaign

Implementing a good marketing strategy and making it work isn’t simple. This is why the judges are going to look into best examples of (including, but not limited to) (re)branding, website design, ad campaigns, e-mail marketing, social media campaigns, new revenue metrics… The judges are going to evaluate all aspects of the campaign, putting emphasis on final results.


Best Hotel Website

A hotel’s website is a hotel’s shop window. Our judges are looking to award a website which sells its hotel in every way, including: Design which is attractive and responsive for mobile devices, interactivity, simplicity, ease of booking, maintenance, integration with social media channels and other booking sites, originality.


The best next gen tech for hotels

Travel industry is being revolutionised with number of new innovations which are being implemented by businesses. The judges wish to hear about the most useful and most innovative solutions which help hoteliers excite their guests and jump into the future. The judges will evaluate the benefits for both hotel and guests, practicality, efficiency and originality of the idea. Both vendors and hotels can apply for this award.


The #1 hotel dream team

There’s no “I” in team! To provide guests with the best possible experience, every hotel needs to have a well organised and devoted team of people. This is why we want to award the best hotel staff who work together well. Let the judges know what the guests say about your people, how you motivate your staff to always give their best and what the company culture is.


First-class hotel app

From booking a room, to hotel check-in, guests love to be mobile and have all the info at the tips of their fingers. Information needs to be accessible 24/7 and judges want to hear more about your mobile application, how it helps with hotel operations and improving the guest experience. The judges will be evaluating the UX design, usefulness of the app and any additional feature making your app stand out.

Best Stay 2018 Awards Judges

Joze Tomas

Joze Tomaš

General Manager, Hotel Park Split
Adam Rowledge

Adam Rowledge

General Manager, Georgian House Hotel
Sophie Clarke

Sophie Clarke

Social Media Manager, Radisson Hotel Group

Edwin Broers

Regional VP CE & EE, Wyndham Hotel Group
Monika Moser

Monika Moser

Distribution & Revenue Management Director, Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Martin Dochateau

General Manager, Made in Louise

Kai Dieckmann

General Manager, Regent Porto Montenegro


Hotel Park Split


Best General Manager

“Success comes with thinking out of the box.”



Best Luxury Hotel

“We are thrilled to have been recognised in our General Manager’s home country, and to have received the support of the Croatian community.”



Most innovative hotel design

“The exciting thing about our industry is that you always have to be fresh and innovative. This prize shows that we are exactly that.”



Best destination for luxury travel

“Dubrovnik, a city for all seasons and all moments!”

InSky Logo

InSky Solutions

Most innovative ICT hotel solution

“TourismInSky is made to play the biggest role in business success of our customers and in satisfaction of their customers.”

“I loved the place and the hotel you chose for the event and I loved the community of international people.
I was not expecting so many international colleagues of mine
- I’ve definitely made some great contacts.”

Ole Kloth
Ole Kloth Director of development Soulmade Hotels

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“An excellent conference with interesting participants and the possibility to establish new contacts among colleagues, with insight into most recent topics.”

Ivana Hatvalić, HTP Korčula (Croatia)