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[ Best Stay Awards ]

October 19, 2017 @ 6 PM | Hotel Park Split


Winners of Best Stay 2017 Awards

Best General Manager – JOZE TOMAŠ

“Success comes with thinking out of the box.”

The Judges were looking to award an individual who has a proven track record of successful operational and strategic achievements in hotel management, both day-to-day and in the long-term. Examples of successful business growth, guest and staff reviews, as well as innovative strategies implemented for one or more of the General Manager’s hotels were considered in this category.

Mr Joze Tomaš has been the General Manager of Hotel Park Split for 15 years. During his lead the Company Potestas doo has grown and now besides hotel Park runs Villa Petra in Bol (Brač) and Fenomen Plitvice (to open in the beginning of 2018). After International education and work experience Mr Tomaš started at hotel Park in 2002 – a 3* hotel then. After only 6 months the standard of the hotel rose and 4 stars were asigned. After the reconstruction and renovation in 2014, Hotel Park Split received a 5 stars categorisation. The reconstruction of the Hotel Park was the first private project in Croatia to be funded by the EU with the maximum possible amount. However, the most beautiful property is nothing without the people who operate it. The award by his team for being the best GM is the one that makes the day. Mr Tomaš as well is a member of EHMA, Rotary International, Skal club. Realising how important it is to give back to the community is one of the reasons that Mr Tomaš is part of various Croatian associations (Strukturno udruženje hotelijera SDŽ – HGK Predsjednik, Ekonomsko vijeće na Ekonomskom fakultetu Split, Vijeće Turističke zajednice grada Split, Izvršni odbor CROMA Dalmacija, Predsjednik Nadzornog odbora TZ Splitsko dalmatinske županije, Član upravnog odbora HUPUH Hrvatske, Izvršni Odbor HUP Dalmatia, Croatian Employers Association, Predsjednik Gastro sekcije HUH, Skal klub član Upravnog odbora, Gastronaut) – all organisations that connect people, improving the industry and giving education to young generations. One of Mr. Tomaš’ ideas with international recognition was the recycling of used soap in hotels. Mr. Tomaš shared this idea with Mr. Raos, the President of the association of persons with disabilities, and this resulted in a project funded by the EU.


Best Luxury Hotel – HOTEL GOTHAM

“We are thrilled to have been recognised in our General Manager’s home country, and to have received the support of the Croatian community.”

This Award recognises a hotel which makes every guest’s stay remarkable and unforgettable by providing them with a true luxury experience. The Judges were looking to award a hotel which can prove the highest level of “luxury in every aspect of guest experience”.

Hotel Gotham is a five star AA certified an award-winning luxury property in central Manchester, which opened in April 2015 under the management of Bespoke Hotels. Located at 100 King Street, within the famed art deco fortress at the heart of Manchester’s designer shopping district, it is a grade II listed Lutyens building surrounded on all sides by a vibrant sea of commuters and shoppers. In a nutshell, Hotel Gotham is special because it quickly became synonymous with magnificent architecture and timeless décor. It is unpredictable and statement-making, and symbolises a unique alliance of history, location, luxury and style. The business won nine awards from 2015 to 2016, and was named “World’s Best New Hotel” by the World Boutique Hotel Awards, “Outstanding New Hotel” at the Independent Hotel Show, the UK’s “Coolest Boutique Hotel” at the Cool Hotel Awards, Manchester’s Finest, as well as appearing on Condé Nast Traveler’s Hot List. It has also boasted a 90% average occupancy since opening, allied to the highest ARR in the city, meaning it is profoundly successful, both on a commercial, creative and personal level. Having now passed its second birthday, Hotel Gotham has gone from strength to strength and continues to win plaudits for its sophisticated use of social media to market its location and services. To this end, it was awarded the “Best Launch Campaign” award at the 2016 Caterer Awards, following its digital drive to recruit an 80-strong opening team, the key members of which are all still in place, including the Sales Manager, Head Chef, Front of House Manager, Head Housekeeper, F&B Manager, and Maintenance Manager.

Most innovative hotel design – SOULMADE

“The exciting thing about our industry is that you always have to be fresh and innovative. This prize shows that we are exactly that.”

Our ‘Most Innovative Hotel Design’ Award aims to acknowledge a hotel which tells an exceptional story through both indoor and outdoor architecture and design, Our Judges were looking for a kind of hotel that brings guests to a feeling that make them never want to leave because of the way the space is planned out through an original concept and outstanding decor.

As the first pure wooden business hotel, Soulmade Hotel has succeeded in anchoring sustainability and mindfulness. It draws its distinctive features from the technological innovation of modular design and an extraordinary content concept, which is the result of a combination of co-living and co-working, beyond the hotel itself. It creates a real living space, which opens up to its surroundings and solves the guest’s anonymity of being non-locals. Soulmade Hotel is a World premiere in hotel fitness area for functional training.



Best destination for luxury travel – DUBROVNIK

“Dubrovnik, a city for all seasons and all moments!”

The judges were looking for a destination on the top wish list for luxury travelers, which deserves this place due to continuous effort from staff, innovative strategies, excellent infrastructure, exceptional service and destination management year on year.

Lord Byron came to Dubrovnik on his way to Greece and called it the Pearl of the Adriatic as early as the beginning of the 19th century while George Bernard Shaw said that “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik“. The historical city is surrounded by a monumental wall, 1940 m long, which preserved its original appearance and is open to the visitors as the main attraction of Dubrovnik. Since 1979 Dubrovnik is in the UNESCO register as protected World heritage. Its rich history, geographic location, mild climate and traditional hospitality and excellence in tourism make Dubrovnik a recognized high quality product on the international tourism markets. Dubrovnik is the city of festivals and has been a popular filming location in recent years, which brings more and more fans, famous people and luxury guests to Dubrovnik each year. Dubrovnik is the city with more 5 star hotels than any other in Croatia. The growing sophistication of Dubrovnik’s culinary offerings, in no small part due to the continuing education of staff, and warrants Dubrovnik’s reputation as a destination of excellence. Dubrovnik is definitely the Croatia’s best export brand. It is a product based on tradition, historical treasures and the knowledge and experience of its inhabitants, whose livelihood rests on their hospitality and service and whose life choice is tourism.


Most innovative ICT hotel solution – InSky Solutions

“TourismInSky is made to play the biggest role in business success of our customers and in satisfaction of their customers.”

Our judges were looking to award a solution or a group of products/solutions which show the best possible option for hotels in terms of covering internal and external aspects of ICT, including data security, CRM, Internet connectivity, guest entertainment and more. Our judges also considered how much the solution can be tailor-made to suit an individual hotel or group of hotels.

Instead of expensive and complicated software, InSky Solutions has made very simple but complex business solution developed on trusted and accepted Microsoft products: Microsoft Dynamics 365, SkypeforBusiness, Office 365, ASP.NET, HTML, Bing maps, Power BI, Team Foundation Server, Exchange, Edge and SharePoint.InSky Solutions business solution TourismInSky has broad market potential and already some of the biggest hotel chains like Valamar and Maistra or digitally progressive like Laguna Novigrad and Medora use TourismInSky. It is an industry specific business solution bundle, specifically designed and developed for digitalization of the hotel industry. Main modules and functionalities include: Contact center, Case management, Loyalty program, MICE, EventInSky, Allotments and groups, MobileInSky – Mobile application, Geomarketing, Marketing and campaigns, Internet of Things, Prediction, Facility management, Activity management, Smart rooms, Social networks. The system offers a wide range of security modeling features, and it is important to choose the most appropriate approach to implementing a solution. Each feature offers a combination of characteristics that provide a balance between granularity of access control, administrative ease, and impact on scalability.

[ BEST STAY 2017 Awards Shortlist ]

Our international panel of judges from Italy, UK, USA and Switzerland, have shared a shortlist for the following categories (the list is in an alphabetical order):

Bespoke Hotels – Hotel Gotham, Hotel Mepas, Hotel Park Split, Hotel Riva Petrovac and Hotel Vestibul Palace
Adriatic Mikulic, Bespoke Hotels, Bluesun Hotels & Resorts,
Hotel Tesla Smart Stay and Soulmade Hotels
Dubrovnik, Opatija and Split
Croatian Telecom, InSky Solutions ContactInSky, InSky Solutions TourismInSky and Vipnet Mobilni hotel app

Best Stay Awards Judges


Territory Manager South Europe, TripAdvisor, Italy


Executive Director, International Society of Hospitality Consultants, USA


Senior Manager, Regional Accounts, STR, United Kingdom


Luxury Lifestyle And Travel Blogger, SilverSpoon London, United Kingdom


President, EHMA, Switzerland


Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, Les Roches, Switzerland


Kongres Magazine, Slovenia

Every year, Best Stay brings together the very best professionals in tourism. This year we celebrated it by awarding those who really stand out in a specific area. Best Stay 2017 Awards were held for the first time in 2017, to recognise the latest and the greatest of innovative, secure, top level solutions, companies and individuals who are really making a difference and representing the best of hospitality.