The new Best Stay Awards

This year, during Best Stay event, YOU can win an award! Event organisers and some of the advisory board members will award the four of the best participants of the event in the following categories:

The most interactive sponsor

Being a sponsor at the event gives you an amazing opportunity to connect with many possible clients  - this year we will be selecting the very best of the best, the company that really seized the opportunity and truly is the most interactive sponsor at Best Stay 2021.

The most inspiring speaker

We truly believe that all Best Stay speakers put in maximum effort. However, this year we will be looking for a speaker whose words are powerful and speech impactful - the one who left us all speechless.

The most creative exhibitor

Boring exhibitor stands don’t attract visitors and they certainly don’t help sales. So get creative and wow your possible clients - and have a chance to win the Best Stay 2021 award.

The most active attendee

Best Stay 2021 conference offers great networking and discussions opportunities. Will you be one of the passive attendees, or will you stand out? Seize every opportunity and you just might be awarded with the Best Stay Most Active Attendee 2021 award - The choice is yours.