Saturday, November 10 2018 - Attracting and retaining talent in hospitality, with best practice examples, real-life exercises and focus on what works!

Your two day conference ticket includes Best Stay Workshop, set in a special, out of hotel location in Dubrovnik. However please note that the workshop is limited to 50 places so please tick the workshop box when you register for the event to save you a seat!

Starting from  09:30 AM

Registration & Coffee

Starting from  10:00 AM

Overview of HR strategies for hospitality worldwide – From corporates to boutique resorts and family-run hotels

Starting from  10:40 AM

Employees and motivation as the core of a balance Score

Slavica Bogosavljević, General Manager, Holiday Inn Beograd, Serbia

Starting from  11:00 AM

Practice makes more perfect

  • How employees can bring organisational values to life every day

Alan Williams, Owner, ServiceBrand Global Ltd, United Kingdom

Starting from  13:10 AM

Panel: How to perfect your HR strategy based on ideas from other industries, markets and regions

  • Choosing the right people and keeping them – Approach from different companies, industries, markets and regions
  • Minimising staff turnover during the whole year
  • Finding the right additional workers at busy times and for seasonal jobs
  • Seasonal vs. all-year HR issues and how to resolve them
  • What are the key regulatory issues that need to be resolved, and how to resolve them, with regards to Visa and worker laws?
  • How can the Croatian tourism industry create a better strategy based on international practices?

Emina Sehalić, Director of Operations, Swissotel Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Starting from  12:00 AM

Lunch: Time for some good food and drinks

Starting from  12:45 AM

Roundtables - Each presenter from the previous topic will lead a roundtable discussion for a smaller group of attendees that want to join that particular topic

Starting from  14:00 AM

End of Best Stay workshop and 2018 event