We met with Slavica Bogosavljević, general manager at Holiday Inn Belgrade, a speaker at Best Stay 2018.


What, in your opinion, do guest really want?

According to our experience and guest’s surveys, what guest really want is value for their money. For our guests, this means a personalised and memorable stay on one hand and professional, standardised environment in order to satisfy guest expectations as a primary goal on the other.

We cannot forget constant updates in terms of IT, offering guests the latest trends as a part of their hotel experience.


At Best Stay, you will be giving a presentation – Employees and motivation as the core of a  balanced score – can you give a short insight into your presentation?

In the hospitality market, working conditions are more or less the same when we talk about Branded hotels, but one thing that is making a difference is the employee experience. A tailored approach to every employee in terms of inspiration, motivation and rewards is crucial. It is important to have a better understanding of worker preferences while trying to make alignment among rewards strategy, individual preferences and company goals.

During my presentation, I will highlight the importance of a relationship between Human Resources Manager and HOD’s – continuous coaching and support in order to improve leadership skills, two-way inspiration between colleagues and how adaptable management style can help to maximize the contribution of every employee on all levels.

Keeping up to date with Industry trends is also quite crucial. Sometimes we prioritized IT trends, marketing or trends in Sales, but since we deal with a lot of challenges in the Hospitality industry, such as the lack of qualified staff in the region, we should follow, develop and most importantly, adjust to the new trends in Human Resources as well.


There is a lot of talk lately about the lack of qualified staff in the region. Do you at your hotel come face to face with the same problem? If yes, how do you deal with it?

Since we are dealing with hospitality industry challenges, as the lack of qualified staff in the region, we need to constantly educate new employees and developing necessary skills. During every year, we have a lot of student interns from Tourism and Hospitality Universities and Schools. HR department is carefully selecting the most motivated students, making their training programme according to their preferences.

Every student gets an opportunity to be well trained according to IHG standards in the department of his choice. After months of practices, we get a well trained young person ready to be employed in the Hospitality Industry.

During the year, department managers promote their work on Universities and Schools through a presentation that is interesting for students. In that way we are trying to get students interested in the Hospitality Industry, promoting our hotel on one hand and improving the level of public speaking of our Managers on the other as a sort of training.

Our goal is always to create benefits to all parties involved and this has proven to be a winning combination.


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