We spoke with Maro Kulaš, Corporate Sales Manager at Kasima Hotels Adriatic, one of our panellists at Best Stay 2019.

1. At Best Stay, you will be participating in a panel about personalising the travel experience. Could you give us a short insight into the discussion? Personalized travel experience is something that is being recognised as top added value to our industry standards. It is being used as an advantage of smaller properties for years as they are more flexible in terms of daily operations. Our challenge today is how to make it more personal, but the challenge is also how to recognize the need of each guest especially in the time of GDPR where trying to personalize things sometimes might not be the best solution.

2. In your opinion, what do the different types of guests want from their travel experience? What is necessary for a repeat stay? Different market segments have different priorities but the most important for each guest is to have high standard experience from the whole hosting team starting with sales & reservations, followed by the hotel operations team and completing with proper follow up by the guest experience team. Also, it is very important that we find the best way to present something that is unique for that particular property.

3. And last, what are you most looking forward to this year’s Best Stay? I am looking forward to the positive energy boost that Best Stay is initiating, communication between colleagues, sharing ideas, proofing that we like what we do, and that we are willing to give our best to be successful by insisting on the constant personal and professional development.

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