We spoke with Maja Lena Lopatny, PR & Event Manager, HTP Korčula, one of our speakers at Best Stay 2019.

1. At Best Stay, you will present a case study regarding your Instagram marketing campaign – could you give us a short insight into your presentation? I can’t wait to present our first-in-Croatia Instagram spots map which includes seven instagrammable spots situated in our PORT 9 Resort for our guests’ perfect photos! We, at HTP Korčula, undertake an unconventional and comprehensive approach to Instagram – you can always find at least five stories on our Instagram accounts. Furthermore, my presentation will provide you with the details on how we tend to both inform and entertain our guests with promptly updated social media content. Our live broadcasts of events correspond with the idea of integrating social media in hotel’s operations. Ultimately, the presentation will show that unlike usual paid Instagram advertisement, hoteliers may achieve more with additional efforts invested in creative contents within their hotels.

2. As social media marketing is now more important and challenging than ever, what advice would you give to other hoteliers to approach these challenges? We should always tend to be as customer-focused as possible and adjust our contents to their needs. Accordingly, interactive may be the notion relevant in this context. Sometimes, social media tends to be one-way communication where hoteliers fail to receive information. At our hotel group, we like to involve guests in the co-creation of our content, therefore, for example, we organize Instagram polls before each movie night so that guests themselves can choose the movie they would like to us to show. It goes without saying that the visual presentation of hotels and resorts through photos and videos is what is selling accommodation today. So, I believe it is necessary to adapt hospitality facilities to satisfy this need for aesthetically pleasant places (so that they can be shared on social media). One of the ways is to create a few places throughout the hotel that will look attractive for guests’ photos – and this often leads to an exponential increase in hotel’s popularity.

3. What new technologies, platforms, and social media channels seem promising to you? What can we expect to see in the next few years? It’s quite difficult to predict any trend in such a fast-changing world, especially in the field of technologies and the Internet which are extremely dynamic. It seems that Facebook has become a thing of the past, at least amongst younger generations. When it comes to Millennials, we may notice that Instagram is still becoming increasingly popular – where the focus in on photos, not text – and this is certainly something that hoteliers should keep in mind. Additionally, Snapchat is also popular within the younger age groups, while the new technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) appear likely to offer unforeseen and substantial upgrade to customer experience – which should always be in the centre of attention of people in the hospitality industry.

4. What are you most looking forward to this year’s Best Stay? I am looking forward to this amazing event! I am always keen on learning more and making progress, and Best Stay is the best place for experts to get more educated, informed and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to see all these great presentations and meet and network with new people at B2B meetings. Last year BestStay was marvellous! I am sure this year you will excel yourselves.

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