We had a chat with Leonardo Buzov Vulas, Director of Sales & Marketing at T-Nest Resort, one of our speakers at Best Stay 2019.

1. T-Nest Resort is to be expected to be among the top “organic luxury” resorts. What unique services will you offer to your guests? Since the slogan of our resort is “Luxury Inspired by Nature” the main philosophy will be to provide a completely relaxing pairing-with-nature experience at the highest hospitality standards including unconventional experience, highly-personalized service and luxurious facilities and amenities. Therefore, we will be applying sustainability and eco-friendly approach in everything that we do through everyday guest experience. All the materials in the resort will be natural (wood, stone, etc.), there will be a special line of branded cosmetics used in our villas and wellness areas, the transportation means within the resort will be electrics cars and bicycles, there will be more electric car charges available for guest’s use and many others that will support our “green” tag. Some of the unique activities which we will be offering to our guests are outdoor yoga classes by the lake, wildlife watching, cooking classes, open-air summer cinema under the stars, ice skating during the winter and many others.

2. Could you let us know why T-Nest Resort, how did you come up with this name? As you know, T-Nest is an abbreviation for Tesla’s Nest. First of all, we were inspired by our great innovator Nikola Tesla whose hometown and memorial centre are located in Smiljan, just a few minutes from Lovinac where our resort is situated. Furthermore, we connected the innovation that Tesla was most famous for with the innovations which we will be applying on all levels at the resort in terms of technology, sustainability systems, processes and innovative service approach.

3. What are the biggest challenges you are currently facing, as Director of Marketing and Sales? The fact is that the market is craving for this kind of product and the reactions from the most prominent international travel agents have been extraordinary. On the other side, this is a unique project not seen in this part of Europe so far. So, all the research and market intelligence needs to be sourced more thoroughly. Luckily, there are resorts with a similar concept in some other world destinations so we do have good examples of best practices to rely on.

4. At Best Stay, you will present a case study regarding T-Nest Resort. What will our attendees learn from your case study? I will not reveal too much in advance in order to make it more exciting but will show our path from the idea to the realization (well, almost realization as we are slowly but surely getting there) while highlighting the importance of believing in your vision, daring to break the ice and be different as well as finding a way to position a new niche product on the market.

5. What are you most looking forward to this year’s Best Stay? Networking with my industry colleagues as this is a great opportunity to catch up, exchange some valuable ideas and, of course, have a good laugh as always. After all, we are people from the service sector and, therefore, always have stories to tell and share.

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