We spoke with Karlo Kampanello from Infobip, one of our speakers at Best Stay 2021. He gave a short insight into his presentation with Valamar as an overview of the innovative technologies they offer within the company.

1. Infobip has become a global leader in blending customer experience, data and technology, and has done so in only 12 years, growing a customer base from their start in Croatia to over 40,000 worldwide – What are some of the practical examples of how you help your customers (and their customers) around the globe? Our mission is to work together with our customers on their digital initiatives and to help them achieve their business goals. Therefore, we are always aiming to adapt to our customer’s needs and offer the best solution. On our web page, Infobip.com, one can find Customer Stories detailing how we have helped businesses across the globe to increase customer satisfaction, sales results, and productivity.

2. What are your top tips for keeping today’s customers happy (in general, across all sectors)? Keeping customers happy is a never-ending challenge. However, one thing you can expect is that customers are always searching for convenience, so make your communication user-friendly. For example, allow them the ease of responding with a number or a simple “YES” or “NO”. Furthermore, using the channels that your customers prefer is a great way to improve your customer service. Start by using the appropriate platform for your business, and the one that suits your customers’ needs the most. Finally, put some effort into the personalization of your communication with the customer. You can start simply by using your customer’s name in emails, texts or even on your app.

3. What are the most innovative technologies that Infobip uses to optimise customer journeys? Our humble engineering team is constantly developing one of the largest global communication platforms that enable secure and regulation-compliant local deployment in every part of the world. Our advantage is in using our own infrastructure and communication platform with direct connections to worldwide telecoms and other strategic partners. We are proud to say our expertise in the CX field has been proven with numerous technology and industry certificates and awards.

4. What will Infobip share with attendees this year in your presentation at Best Stay 2021 event? We are extremely happy and proud to present this year with our partner, Valamar, and bring to the audience the story of how we build success together. We will illustrate how omnichannel approach in Hospitality can help improve customer experience and satisfaction.

5. How can hoteliers benefit from partnering with Infobip? Do you have some examples from Croatia or elsewhere? Partnering with Infobip can bring hoteliers new revenue streams through digital direct marketing initiatives with high ROI. Infobip solutions help in reducing operating costs and establish better loyalty connections with satisfied guests. We invite you to join our presentation to hear more information about how we have successfully worked with Valamar thus far.

6. What are you most looking forward to with regards to participating at Best Stay 2021? Meeting new partners and presenting a customer story with our partner Valamar.

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