We spoke with Ivan Sarajlić, Executive Marketing Coordinator at Amadria Park Opatija, one of our panellists at Best Stay 2019.

1. You currently work as an Executive Marketing Coordinator for Amadria Park, family owned hotel brand. What differentiates Amadria Park from other hotels? We see Amadria Park as a warm and hospitable family business rather than a corporation, and we feel that this is our biggest asset. We enjoy hosting our guests and want to make them feel like part of our large family. As hoteliers, our idea of tourism is based on that.

2. In your opinion, what is the role of partnerships with local councils, businesses and DMCs in terms of remaining a successful hotel? This is of utmost importance and tourism can’t succeed without it. We appreciate our partners and are always ready to cooperate and participate as part of the local community, both as individuals and as a business. We need to be mindful that our guests always perceive us as a whole.

3. At Best Stay, you will take part in a panel about personalising the travel experience. How important do you think it is to approach each guest as an individual? Globalisation and commoditised travel are bringing more people from all parts of the world, with diverse customs and specific cultural views and also with differing touristic expectations. Today it is more necessary than ever before to treat guests as individuals. And even if it weren’t expected, we as a family company would still insist on doing it that way. Travellers expect the best and we treat them accordingly.

4. What do you think will be most beneficial for you at this year’s Best Stay? I would like to thank the organisers and express my gratitude because conferences like this are becoming increasingly important each year. Competition is on the rise, tourists have bigger expectations and trends change very rapidly, so we at Amadria Park hotels greatly appreciate professional forums such as Best Stay and are more than willing to share our knowledge and experiences.

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