This year’s Best Stay conference will be focused on the best hospitality trends that work in practice. What are the current trends that you see happening?

I think that the hospitality industry follows the general trend of making the business decisions even more reliant on data, science and automation both in terms of strategy and execution. This year, the sudden shift in demand in the peak season makes it even more clear that we need to have a strategy that can quickly adapt and can be precisely executed to changing market conditions in order to achieve performance goals.


At Best Stay, you will be giving a presentation on the new Maistra Revenue Management System – could you give us a short insight into your presentation?

After having articulated the new realities and challenges of the current market state, we didn’t find an appropriate solution that is tackling well with those fundamentals shifts. That is why we decided to try to fight those problems in our own way. It’s been a great experience so far, and we are happy to share it and to hear the feedback.


What are the biggest challenges in your job today? What advice would you give to other hoteliers to approach these challenges?

From my point of view the biggest challenge today is the need to react as fast as possible. That means to constantly, 24/7, monitor the business and react to changes, which is of course impossible. That is why we need automation, but automation that works in harmony with other work that cannot be (yet) automated. This balance, to combine the best from both worlds, is quite difficult to achieve.


There is a lot of talk lately about the lack of qualified staff. What, in your opinion, is the single best quality your employees can possess?

Common sense by far.


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Best Stay?

Like always, to share some ideas and to hear some new ideas, as well to give and hear some feedback. Also to have a good time with the colleagues from the industry.
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