We met with Enis Hadzimujic, acting operations director at Novotel Sarajevo Bristol, a speaker at Best Stay 2018.

This year’s Best Stay conference will be focused on the best hospitality trends that work in practice. Which, in your opinion are the trends currently impacting the hospitality industry?

Few of them:  Tech (apps or mobile websites) explosion on all levels hotel industry,  Destination promotion (hotels are more involved in destination promotion on social networks and media), Searching for educated staff , Be unique (find a way to be different or to offer something different comparing with so many other brands).


At Best Stay, you will be participating in the discussion regarding pricing and revenue management – can you give us a brief insight into the panel?

My focus will be on pricing strategy and trends in Balkan countries, loyal and disloyal competition, how to struggle with that as well as how to create good pricing and revenue strategy.


There is a lot of talk lately about the lack of qualified staff. What, in your opinion, is the single best quality your employees can possess?

Passion for their job, as someone mention  “We wanted their eyes to light up and to get really excited”… Committed to the job, fast learning, solve problems and listen to feedback.


What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Best Stay?

Learn about new technologies, share experience, find and meet new friends from the same industry.


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