In order to give you an introduction of the companies that are making a positive change in the industry, we interviewed Head of IT sales in Samsung Electronics, Dino Kovačević, who will, during the Best Stay conference, guide us through a panel discussion: Will new technologies change tourism and to which extent?

1. This year’s Best Stay conference will focus on the best hospitality trends which work in practice. What, in your opinion, are the current trends making the biggest changes in the hotel industry? While trying to keep up with trends, the hotel industry is faced with changes in the habits of our guests. Nowadays, they communicate less via traditional channels (fixed and mobile phones, SMS, Skype) and more via social networks (Instagram, Facebook, and FaceTime). The new generation of customers also lost the habit of watching traditional TV and using services without content. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure they have access to live streaming services such as YouTube, the most famous content provider. Also, instead of TV, modern guests prefer Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime video, etc. In order to meet their requirements and acquire positive ratings, it is more important that we ensure they have a great Wi-Fi connection, rather than improve upon other services such as hotel rooms with sea view, SPA, food and services.

2. ICT solutions are a big part of every topnotch hotel and provide them with numerous useful functions. What do Samsung’s solutions provide to the hotels? Samsung provides a wide range of hotel solutions such as H. Browser powered by TIZEN, Samsung LYNK HMS solution and Samsung’s LYNK 4.0 solution. H. Browser powered by TIZEN allows you to create a custom home menu. This technology empowers fast and accurate application development from any location, while All-in-one content navigation allows hotels to reinforce their brand, but also enables guests to quickly view and navigate through frequently- used display features. Samsung LYNK HMS solution – elevates in-room displays into single-source content control and management hubs capable of communicating with multiple on-site platforms and servers. This consolidation helps hospitality teams boost productivity and accountability, and serve guests better. The LYNK HMS’ Energy Management Solution (EMS) allows luxury hotels to optimize in-room settings for efficient consumption. Therefore, guests are able to customize their ideal room environment. Samsung’s LYNK 4.0 solution gives hotels greater visibility of, and control over, hundreds of on-site displays through a central remote server. Centralized content management, LYNK REACH fosters new opportunities for hotels to inform and entertain visitors. Moreover, personalized full-stay service – two- way communication ensures that guests receive the personalized attention they’ve come to expect at luxury hotels. Also, Samsung is developing really interesting products and solutions that will surely improve, and in one way reshape the hotel industry. Hotel TV is no longer only important as hardware. There are more display solutions products that are going to upgrade industry such as Led panels, digital signage etc.

3. How do the latest technologies fit into the hotel industry? Do Croatian hotels follow these trends? Tourism is an example of the application of digitalization in business. The implementation of digitalization is necessary in order to integrate the latest technologies in the hotel industry. However, it would be only possible in hotels that are tailored to meet the demands of modern customers and support the state-of-the-art technology. This would include guests having smart cards instead of keys as well as access to smart TVs and other solutions. Croatian hotels do follow the trends of digitalization. We can see more and more new 5 star hotels in the coastal area that have implemented the latest technologies.

4. How do you think ICT solutions will impact the development of tourism in the next 3-5 years? Keeping up with the new generation of customers, who appreciate more spare time, we expect that the industry will turn to the integration of ICT services and automatization of process. For example, instead of reception, we could have an automatic check-in and direct access to the room without a key. With the Bluetooth or NFC support, SMART phone will be the only tool needed. Samsung has an active HMS portfolio like an app for Room management system (RMS), full lock integration (access control system) and content with TV-room entertainment system (RES). Those are the perfect solutions for hotels as well as for Airbnb.

5. What are you looking forward the most to at this year’s Best Stay? Through a passion for innovation and optimal operation, we have delivered the best products and services to the world. We look forward to exploring new business areas such as healthcare and automotive electronics, and continue our journey through history of innovation. Therefore, we are delighted to have the opportunity to present our innovations, new products and plans for the future, but also gain new insights and meet potential partners through networking.

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