We spoke with David Flam, Marketing Director at Maistra d.d., one of our panellists at Best Stay 2019.

1. Maistra recently opened a new hotel early this year – Grand Park Hotel Rovinj. What differentiates Grand Park Hotel Rovinj from other hotels? Apart from the breathtaking views of Rovinj Old Town, new ACI marina and Katarina Island, and its interior design signed by famous Lissoni Architettura Milano – it is the why that summarizes the emotional touchpoints of the hotel. In this modern, landmark hotel, we are mindfully guiding our guests to make them feel good about themselves through enriching experiences infused by authentic Istrian culture and lifestyle.

2. In your opinion, what is necessary to achieve long-term success and recognition of a hotel? For a single hotel – it should be recognized as a brand. A place you want to visit for lunch or dinner, if not for an overnight stay. A place you never know who of the A list of celebrities you can meet. That brand has to outgrow the destination brand. Impeccable service and quality go together without saying. For an umbrella hotel brand – also as a brand and it has to become a synonym. A synonym for great hotel locations, surprisingly good service, great wellness, immaculate gourmet offer, cosy rooms, great kids programme etc. Pick and mix yourself, whatever your brand should be.

3. You’ve been working as a marketing director for Maistra for 4 years now. What would you say were the biggest challenges you needed to overcome? Every marketing professional has different challenges that derive from the company’s market position. I would say one of the biggest was to identify the right technologies for our needs and provide the ROI of our marketing activities and to position Grand Park Hotel Rovinj on the luxury map of Europe. In the years to come,  due to ever louder whispers of world economic recession, it probably will be to generate more traffic and leads.

4. And last, what are you most looking forward to this year’s Best Stay? To meet interesting people, learn new perspectives and share our experiences.

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