With only 2 weeks left until Best Stay 2018 (are you as excited as we are? šŸ™‚ ) we spoke with AleksandraĀ Ronkiewicz about all things Oaky. Aleksandra is a part of the Oaky family whichĀ drives incremental revenue and enhances the guest experience through targeted pre-arrival upselling. Let’s hear what Aleksandra shared with us…

Oaky will be joining us at Best Stay 2018 on November 8-9 – please share with us a few interesting facts about the company.

  • We provide a fully automated, white-labeled solution that help hotels directly upsell to all their guests (OTA + direct) before arrival. On average, 13% of all guests buy an upgrade or service via Oaky.
  • Our team consist of 10 nationalities.
  • Weā€™re based in beautiful Amsterdam, and youā€™re always welcome over for a coffee when youā€™re in town.
  • Weā€™re all passionate travellers – including me! I have visited more than 40 countries. This will be the 5th time when Iā€™m visiting Dubrovnik, and actually the first time I will sleep in the city!

This yearā€™s Best Stay conference will be focused on the best hospitality trends that work in practice. What, in your opinion, are the current trends making the biggest changes in the hotel industry?

The global hotel industry wants to maximise profit per guest. At the same time, the modern traveler wants a mobile, on-demand and instantly gratifying experience from brands. We think the biggest change will come from connecting the needs of the modern traveller with creating unique experiences and driving incremental revenue, such
as in areas like up-selling and guest experience. Hotels that deliver this will have a big advantage to their competitors. And thanks to learning about guest data, that advantage will only become bigger the earlier they start.

How does Oaky help hotels make unforgettable experiences for guests?

Consumers today expect personalisation, and while hoteliers often are really creative in what to offer their guests, they share that they cannot deliver this in a digital way. For example, in many hotels an Italian couple and a German
business traveler receives the same communication before arrival – although these two segments want different things from their stay.
This is where Oaky comes in.
Using segmentation, the leisure couple will receive offers like a Romantic Suite Package and our business traveler can save time with Airport transfer and Early check-in. Driven by unique upsell data, the timing of the upsells will also be personalised. (Leisure traveler converts best at 1pm, and business travelers at 10am). This is a win-win-win: the guest is in control of designing her stay, the hotel operations are more efficient and the owners generate more revenue.

Why are customisation and personalisation of guests’ stay crucial for hotels today?

Personalisation is crucial because it:

  • Increases (in)direct loyalty
  • Maximises profit per guest
  • Improves the guest experience
  • Has a positive impact on hotel operations
  • Decreases cancellation rates
  • Gives guests stories to tell, which improve review scores

In what ways does Oaky help hotels achieve an increase of profit?

  • Room upgrades: Oaky is the only system that optimise the timing of selling room upgrades as early as possible in the customer journey, giving you a long window to re-sell the available room. As a result, your high demand low-category rooms will maintain a 100% occupancy and your higher room categories will be filled with paid upgrades at optimal prices.
  • In-house ancillary services: For hotels with parking, SPA, F&B outlets, and other in-house facilities, Oaky can be set-up to maximise revenue. For example, all reservations with breakfast excluded, will be offered breakfast as an upsell at the best time before arrival when the data shows that conversion is the highest.
  • Cost-saving: For hotels that donā€™t have multiple room types and facilities to upsell, there are some genius things to offer. One of them we call the ā€œSave the planetā€ deal. The arriving guest can turn down housekeeping and in return get a free pizza. It stems from one hotel, but now 40% of all our customers offer this. And it works: one Saturday the hotel didnā€™t clean a single room – and the pizza baker was busy making 150 pizzas šŸ™‚

What would you share with our attendees if you would only have one minute?

  • We think that hoteliers that come to Best Stay are looking for inspiration and to learn more about whatā€™s out there. To give your attendees the most value from one minute, we would love to share three concrete examples that they can implement the next day
  • How to increase room upgrade revenue by +400%
  • 3 secrets when is the best time to upsell to guests
  • The hidden benefits of upselling set menus for your F&B outlets.

What are you most looking forward to at this yearā€™s Best Stay?

We are super excited to get to know all the friendly hoteliers, talk upselling and hopefully solve a lot of challenges with creative win-win solutions – and of course, visit beautiful Dubrovnik! šŸ™‚